6-Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter 6 Connectors 2-Pins 3.5mm Pitch 12V Board Boost

6-Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter 6 Connectors 2-Pins 3.5mm Pitch 12V Board Boost
6-Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter 6 Connectors 2-Pins 3.5mm Pitch 12V Board Boost 6-Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter 6 Connectors 2-Pins 3.5mm Pitch 12V Board Boost 6-Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter 6 Connectors 2-Pins 3.5mm Pitch 12V Board Boost
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LCD Monitor Inverter Board 6-Lamps Small interface
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  • General Description:
  • This DC-AC Inverter was developed for 6CCFL lamps of LCD back lighting system
  • Features:
  • High performance, low consumption. 
  • Open lamp protection 
  • Wide Dimming Range
  • Lamp Current Balance Control 
  • Input current overload protected ( fuse protect ).
  • Application:
  • The DC to AC back-light inverter is special designed on any type LCD display in implement (i.e. LCD monitor)
  • Suitable load:
  • 20.1 〞-22〞 6 Lamps TFT LCD Module
  • Environmental Condition:
  • Operating temperature: -5℃ -- 50℃
  • Storage temperature: -20℃-- 70℃
  • Operating humidity: 10% -- 95%RH
  • Storage humidity: 10% -- 95%RH
  • The DC to DC back-light inverter suggested working in the condition of upon. It can be work 500thousand hours at least in the below condition.
  • Operating temperature:-20——70℃
  • Operating humidity:10%——95%RH
  • Input Electrical Characteristics:
  • No. Item Symbol Min Type Max Unit
    1 Input Voltage Vin 10.8 12 13.2 V
    2 Input Current Iin 1.8 2.5 3.0 A
    3 Input Power( Vadj=0) Pin ---- 36 ---- W
    4 Brightness Voltage Vbri
    0( bright) --- 5 V
    5 Control Voltage Enable Von=1.5---5.0V Disable Voff=0---0.5V
  • Output electrical characteristics:
  • Item Symbol Test Conditions Min Type Max Unit
    Output Current Iout Vin=12.0V; Von=5V; Ta=25℃ 2.2 7 9 mA
    Output Voltage Vout Vin=12.0V; Von=5V; Ta=25℃   720   Vrms
    Ignition Voltage Vig1 Vin=12.0V; Von=5V;Ta=25℃ 1100 1500 1700 Vrms
    Output Frequency f Vin=12.0V; Von=5V;load=6m;Ta=0℃ 40 50 70 KHz
    Efficiency η Vin=12.0V; Von=5V; Load=80KΩ 87 --- --- %
    Current balance degree Ibd ± 0.2       mA rms
  • The parameter of upon will change when the LCD module changes
  • Pin assignments:
  • Input connector: CN1      
    Pin No. Symbol Description Parameter
    1 、 2 +12V Supply voltage 10.8---13.2V
    3 N/F Standby/operation On =1.5--5.0V Off=0-0.5V
    4 adj Dimming control 0V=Brightness Max 
    5V=Brightness Min
    5、 6 Gnd Ground 0V
    Output connector: CN2、 CN3、 CN4、 CN5、 CN6、 CN7
    Pin No. Symbol Description Parameter
    1 H-V High voltage 720Vrms
    2 L-V Low voltage 0-18Vrms
  • Voltage output waveform (Max Luminance)

  • Current output waveform(Max Luminance)

  • NOTES:
  • A.Current of the lamp must use a high frequency current meter,There have a four amperes fuse in the inverter
  • B. Do not attach a conducting tape to lamp connecting wire, if the lamp wire attach to conductive tape, TFT-LCD module have a low luminance and the inverter has abnormal action because leakage current occurs between lamp wire and conducting tape. If the display arrangement is less friendly such as the asymmetrical wiring forces unequal losses and the lamps receive imbalanced current. Even with identical lamps, illumination may not be balance.
  • C. For Safety Issue, please keep 4.0mm at least from the metal parts of the system to the inverter. Or put a suitable insulator between the inverter and the metal parts to avoid the situation of breakdown or arcing etc.
  • D. Don’t twist , deform , drop or knock the inverter during assembly
  • E. Guarantee to offer ESD shield bag to protect the product from electrostatic or magnetic interference during delivery. Due to the inverter is usually designed without the enclosure. please take care about ESD at anytime .
  • F. The products are not intended for use in systems in which failures of product could result in personal injury
  • 6 Lamps LCD Inverter Board    x1


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