Color LCD Shield For Arduino

Color LCD Shield For Arduino
Color LCD Shield For Arduino Color LCD Shield For Arduino
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Color LCD Shield
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  • This shield base on Sparkfun design, we upgraded and modified the backlight to PWM(D10) control and button to 4 direction Joystick w/ Switch(A0-A4),more key and easy to operate. This shield just uses the Philips PCF8833 controller, base on a good display Nokia 6100 LCD Panel.
  • The Color LCD Shield,provides an easy method of connecting the popular Nokia 6100 LCD to your Arduino. The board comes as shown with the 128x128 mini color LCD, as well as a backlight driver circuit (boosts to 7V) control by PWM.
  • The Nokia 6100 LCD is controlled through a 9-bit SPI interface. The control pins of the LCD are connected to the hardware SPI pins of the Arduino (D13 -SCK, D11 - DIO), the CS pin is tied to D9 and the reset pin is connected to D8. Voltage from the '5V' pin of the Arduino is boosted to 7V to power the LCD backlight. 


  • All Shield base on Philips PCF8833 controller
  • Nokia LCD6100
  • 4 direction Joystick w/ Switch(A0-A4)
  • Backlight PWM control
  • 128 x 128 pixels
  • 12-bit color rendition (4 bits red, 4-bits green, 4-bits blue)
  • 9-bit SPI serial interface (clock/data signals)
  • Color LCD Shield x1


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