About Us

NY PLATFORM is an open hardware facilitation studio based in Flushing, New York, United States. Benefiting from the largest electronic market, local manufacture power and convenient global logistic system, a vast number of funny and exciting products are created every day. We integrate resources to serve new era of innovation.
To make electronic design and innovation easier, we offer various development platform, modules, tools, electronics components, PCB service and other open source hardware.
NY PLATFORM SUPPLIES HIGH-quality products, PROVIDES specialty technical support and DELIVERS SERVICE GUARANTEES TO ENSURE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. WITH THESE competitive advantages, WE NOT ONLY continue to broaden product CATEGORIES to LEAD in highly competitive marketS, BUT ALSO SUCCEED to STRENGTHEN OUR PARTNERSHIPS WITH VARIOUS CHANNELS IN emerging marketS. AS ALWAYS, We strive to OFFER our customers THE BEST integrated solutionS and BEST-IN-CLASS service.
Welcome to NY PLATFORM store, and please let us know your wishes beyond shelf.